Monday, June 4, 2012

BlogStart: 112a Sketchbook Pages

Early pages of my 112a Spring 2012 Sketchbook. Well, beginning pages.

Alright, but not very good.

People really like that waterbrush lamp perspective thing but I don't know why. It's so mediocre to me (still is). Contrast is low and I had no idea what I was doing o_O. Also parts where I didn't know what observational drawing was.

Early pages when I didn't understand some parts of observational drawing. (First two pages.)

Three hour semi-blind observational tree there, my dog without observation.

 Layout technique and negative space drawing. I love Col-erase pencils but they are so smudgy.

Three in there at the Philz cafe; second picture is this neat weird watermark left on the table somehow. There's bleedthrough from the back of the paper.

My dog, some semi-blind, Samia in class, and shadowshape. Btw there was a moth that flew under the book apparently lol. It flew away after.

Two page spread of Philz, then another guy who was there on his laptop in a striped shirt.Then a mastercopy of a Gibson work in pen-and-ink croquill.

The first page has a shadowshape backyard landscape but it's sideways.

Duplicate page here, my bad. I like the overview of my sketchbook because it seems to show a lot more improvement when looked at as a whole, to me.

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